Tips for creating a good protagonist

Ever wondered how you can get the perfect protagonist unlike any other? The answer to that is actually very simple.

1)You HAVE to create a plot unlike any other. I know what you’re thinking: Why should the plot matter to how my protagonist looks? Well, looks aren’t really what everyone defines your protagonist by, anyways. It’s their personality. If you are writing a fantasy story then you need a quest that will make your character have a large amount of emotion and activity. Through theses two traits they will have a very unique and understood personality. For non-fiction, it works the same. Make your plot line stand out and mean something to your characters.

2) Maybe try looking up protagonist questions online, if you are into filling out the information. Personally, I am. It’s somewhat difficult, however, to find good questions. Look up “100 protagonist questions” and clicking the link to

3) Make an acrostic out of the character’s name. Fill out the acrostic accordingly to their personality.

Theses steps will most likely work, but in the scenario that the aren’t helpful google usually has some pretty helpful answers. 🙂